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Spin, spin away…

Posted: September 15, 2004 in Main Page

Why are some motions so rhythmic, so soothing…Laura (from Mondays at Java Station) has felt the lure of the spindle. Yes…it’s so soothing…nice to watch it go round & round. It makes me feel like a little baby just fascinated with a ceiling fan.  Yeah, like that!

Having not posted for a few days I guess there is a little catching up to do. On Monday night I was thinking I was just so damn smart because I brought my digital camera with pics of finished projects that I didn’t want to lug around with me & toot my own horn, but I forgot to get a picture of the group. It would have been a good picture too because there were more ladies ( I use that word loosely b/c we are all different ages) than usual. So next Monday I will try to remember. My mom always teases me because I have a horrible memory. She says it is ok for her to have a bad memory because they are “senior moments”. That wasn’t even accurate when she started saying it b/c she was in her 40’s. I digress, she likes to tease me is my point.  On with knitting news. I received some of the silk yarn I have been waiting for, 3oo of 700 grams that are coming. So I got it balled & I want to swatch it but I am afraid to start another project considering I can’t really knock too much off of my current projects list. And I did start a Christmas gift that will take a bit of work b/c it is a new pattern & a lot of stockinette through the body, which tends to get really boring. And the sweater for George is all straight stockinette too. But I had a grand idea. I have the front & back complete, I could do something interesting on the sleeves. He is a bit of a plain jane but I think that a stripe of cables up the middle of the sleeve would add just a touch of interest. He isn’t one for skull & crossbones or even hearts   So cables it is. Now to pick which kind….if you can’t tell I am making this up as I type, no prior thought went into the sleeves. Now you can all see how my thought process works! <slow drawl> Interestin’ ain’t I?

Okay so I went to Michaels on Monday before our group since I have shopped myself sick at our other lys. Got some fun new bernat soft boucle, in Carnival shades, that will work up quick into a fun sweater. Those are the best! I also ordered Rowan It’s a Tape Thing because I love the Clara sweater! And of course Fluffa’s came out so perfect I must be makin’ me one of those! I am not one of those people that have a problem with acrylic. As a matter of fact, I think acrylic is neccesary for the art of knitting & crocheting to continue. I learned on red heart & the likes & if it hadn’t been available then I would not have continued in the art at all. Not everyone can spend a lot of $$ on yarn when they first start to knit. So that is my opinion…just thought I would share that with ya…

Tonight my goal is to get at least 3″ done on the in the round sweater I am doing. Also now that I have decided what to do on the sleeves of George’s sweater, I need to start working on those. So if my spindle doesn’t call me too loudly I should be able to get that accomplished & get the kids dinner & get them washed up & get them ready for bed, then finally in bed to (hours later) fall asleep. That is my night, hope all you out there have a more fun evening than me