FREE felted bag pattern

To all those who have asked for it, here it is:

Striped felted bag pattern

Circular needles size 10, 24inch

Patons Classic Wool Merino -1 skein each of desired colors for stripes


  • Cast on with color A (double strand) 60 sts
  • Work in garter stitch for 30 rows
  • Drop one strand of yarn, you will now be working with 1 strand
  • Pick up 24sts on left side place marker
  • Pick up 60 sts on back side Place marker
  • Pick up 24 sts on right side place marker
  • Work pattern as follows:
  • Knit to 2 sts before marker, p1, k1,move marker, p1

Stripe pattern:

  • B 8 rows
  • C 6 rows
  • D 2 rows
  • E 4 rows
  • B 1 row
  • D 4 rows
  • C 2 rows
  • E 2 rows
  • B 4 rows
  • A 1 row
  • B 1 row
  • C 4 rows
  • D 2 rows
  • E 6 rows
  • B 4 rows
  • C 2 rows
  • D 8 rows
  • E 2 rows
  • B 8 rows
  • C 4 rows
  • D 2 rows
  • E 4 rows
  • A 2 rows – Bind off on the second row

Now you can felt the bag, block while drying & put on handles.



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11 responses to “FREE felted bag pattern

  1. Ooh, the pattern formatting looks really good now you’ve html’d it!

    And, thanks for putting up the pattern; I *almost* bought some more Cascade 220, and then I remembered I have wayyyyy too many other projects going, so the bag will have to wait. At least a *little* while. :)

    Oh, but I did get a Reeling Machine! It is orange. Thank you so much for the coupon!

    Have a great weekend; talk to you soon!


  2. I’m not able to get this link to work. Is there another way to get to the picture?

    Thank you!

  3. From the main firebrunette knitting page you can get into the “finished project photos” page on the lower left column. You will have to go through 3 pages of pictures before you get to it. Hope you find it, if not I can email the picture to you if you want.

  4. I can’t find the picture of the striped felted bag. Could you please email me the picture of how to find it. I did try using the site you said but it didn’t work. Thanks so much. I’m looking to do a striped bag and I wonder if this is the one. Thanks.

    Here is my email:

  5. Tada! I took a new picture of the bag (mind you it’s over 2 years old now) and have it at the top of the pattern, easy to find!

  6. I realize that this pattern was posted several years ago, but I just recently found it on the web; I hope you can clarify something for me.
    I am confused by the line “Knit to st before marker, p1, k1,move marker, p1″ — does this mean that you work an increase at each marker, every row? (p1, k1 all in the same stitch?)
    It seems that the bag would be too wide if increased
    EVERY row.
    Thank you for your help.

  7. HAHA Okay, that is pretty funny that noone else, including me, picked up on that! I am changing it to say to 2 sts before marker.



  8. I’m hoping you still read this even though the pattern was posted a few years ago. I love it and would like to make for my cousin for Christmas… what is the approximate finished size? Thanks!